Tuesday, 28 June 2011

White-throated Robin twitch - Hartlepool Headland, UK - 6th June 2011.

An emergency twitch was organised following the stunning news of a female White-throated Robin trapped and ringed on Hartlepool Headland. The team comprised of Myself, Cllr. John F. Wright, Dave Bickerton, Tony Disley and Tim Davie. All saw the bird, but we left at the height of the anarchy that was the scaling of the Doctor's Garden wall and I didn't ascend a ladder. Although I had obtained two good, but brief scope views of the bird in the shrubbery by the inner bowling green, with hindsight, I should have ascended the wall for more views. Sadly, I didn't and never got an opportunity to return before the birds departure.

I personally haven't witness anarchy at a twitch since the heady days of the Golden Winged Warbler and Red-breasted Nuthatch way back in 1989.

Below: Leaving the anarchy that was the White-throated Robin twitch behind, we headed down to Seaton Sands Nature Reserve where an absolutely stunning male Red-backed Shrike was performing very well.